Saturday, October 31, 2009

The gift, a dance and a treat

1. Outside a local restaurant a very voluptuous woman teeters on new and uncomfortable high heels. She is wearing a shocking pink dress that sits low on her bust and high on her thigh. There is a giant bow on her dress and with all that flesh she appears to be giving the world the gift of herself. Certainly gives me a giggle from the comfort of my car.
2. "The way you look tonight" plays in our living room. The princess is dripping wet and cocooned in a white fluffy towel. Her cheeks are rosy, her eyelashes clump into stars and she radiates the sweet smell of clean. We circle around the living room dancing, I sing the refrains and she responds by beaming a big guppy smile.
3. I make risotto for dinner. Not really my best, but Mr Wonderful doesn't go hungry. A suprise Caramello Koala completes our meal.

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