Sunday, October 18, 2009

Words, hymns and little blue eyes

1. One precious old dictionary.Like an old friend. Dogeared and stained from years of use it's inscription signed 'Dad 11 February 1994' reads "A dictionary unlocks the mystery and releases the beauty of words. My hope is that you will be able to share the joy that words have brought me". A hope fulfilled and a joy shared.
2. On an icy morning in a big old church, the croaky voices of my fellow parishoners harmonising with the squeals and coos of our Bess trying to sing along too. So young and already she shares in the joy of singing the old standards.
3. Bess in her white pyjamas sharing a cuddle with her Dad. Cocooned under the covers with only her little blue eyes gazing out. Cheeks still rosy and warm and smelling of the sweet smell of sleep. Utterly content.

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